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Chapter 65 Little Kai’s Jealousy

  • Despite walking with a limp, Su Meng happily opened her apartment’s door and sang, “Darling! Mama’s back!”
  • Only Yuan Xinlei welcomed her. She was ready to ask Su Meng about how everything had gone tonight but then noticed her swollen ankle. She crouched down, examined it, and anxiously inquired, “Meng Meng, what happened?”
  • Using the bright light of the room, Su Meng just realized that her fair-skinned ankle was now very swollen and red-hot. It looked very scary.
  • Yuan Xinlei quickly assisted her to the sofa. “It’s too swollen. I’ll bring you to the hospital, alright?”
  • Su Meng had previously informed of her date with Shen Yu’an to Yuan Xinlei. Knowing that Su Meng would be worried about leaving Little Kai Kai alone in the house, she had volunteered to pick Little Kai Kai home from school.
  • Su Meng waved her hand. When she had entered the house, she had not heard Little Kai Kai’s voice. As a result, she looked left and right for her precious son. She then discovered a somber Little Kai Kai standing by his bedroom door.
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