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Chapter 200 Time to Register the Marriage  

  • Even if he didn’t say anything, Su Meng could guess. “Did you play the whole afternoon?”
  • Su Yankai looked cautiously at Su Meng and admitted his mistake. “Mama, I was wrong.”
  • Su Meng looked at his red eyes and felt both angry and bad for him at the same time. “Su Yankai, what did Mama tell you? Your eyes aren’t good, so if you play for too long, your eyes will become red and start tearing. You’ve promised me before not to play more than two hours a day. Tell me, how many hours did you spend today?”
  • Su Yankai held out five fingers.
  • Su Meng took a deep breath and was about to continue disciplining him when Su Yankai’s other hand held up two more fingers.
  • So he had been playing for seven hours. He probably never stopped since they came back from the hospital in the morning.
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