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Chapter 197 Don’t Fall for Me

  • Su Meng hid in the room the whole afternoon and did work. Besides Su Yankai bringing a plate of fruits to her, nobody else knocked on the door in between.
  • The biggest problem was how the owner of the room hadn’t appeared yet.
  • When dinner time came, she kept away all the strange thoughts she had when she came downstairs.
  • She and Shen Yu’an were in a contract marriage. In order to repay Shen Yu’an for saving her, she had to keep her part of that contract and make sure she and Shen Yu’an looked like a loving couple.
  • They were business partners and nothing else.
  • After she had sorted this out, Su Meng smiled and sat next to Shen Yu’an. She gently looked at Shen Yu’an and asked, “What were you and Yankai up to all afternoon?”
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