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Chapter 178 First Step into the Shens’ House

  • Su Meng carried Su Yankai into Mrs Shen’s car.
  • Once they were in the car, Mrs Shen immediately started excitedly taking out all the snacks from the fridge, pushing everything into Su Yankai’s hands. “Kaikai, come, these are all the snacks that Grandma specially prepared for you, so eat whatever you want to eat.”
  • Su Meng took one look and realized all these snacks were things like jellies, chocolates and ice cream, which were either too cold or too sweet, and weren’t suitable for children to eat before bedtime.
  • So when Su Yankai looked at her after receiving the snacks, she immediately pushed them back towards Mrs Shen. “Auntie Shen, these things are too sweet. It’s almost bedtime, so he might have cavities if he eats them.”
  • Mrs Shen’s expression immediately darkened and she wanted to argue back in anger. But she suppressed this urge when she looked at Su Yankai clinging tightly to Su Meng.
  • According to her understanding, even though these things were very sweet, Yankai wasn’t going to hop into bed immediately after eating without brushing his teeth, so did she have to find such a stupid excuse to reject her good intentions?
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