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Chapter 168 I Don’t Agree

  • Shen Yu’an pushed his own wheelchair through the door and was met with a pillow. “You ungrateful child, how dare you come and see me! You actually still remember you have a mother? How could you not tell us about something as important as getting married? And you even married a woman like that!”
  • Shen Yu’an was helpless as he picked up the pillow and put it back on the bed. “I’m telling you now, right?”
  • Mrs Shen couldn’t believe Shen Yu’an dared to talk back to her at this time. “You’ve already announced it to the entire country and you dare to tell me you’re telling me now? How did I give birth to such an unfilial son! I’m going to die from my anger!”
  • She noticed that her husband was just sitting quietly by the side and started trying to agitate him. “Shen, this is your son. You should say something and do something about this.”
  • But Mr Shen was quite happy about Su Meng and Shen Yu’an getting married.
  • After hearing Mrs Shen, he slowly said, “Didn’t you keep nagging about how your son wasn’t married and didn’t have children? Now you’ve gotten both things at one shot, so I don’t know what else I should say.”
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