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Chapter 163 I Can’t Marry Mama Anymore

  • Su Yankai cried and howled at the same time, “Mama, you’re a liar! You agreed to marry me, so why are you marrying Papa now?! Shen Yu’an, I hate you!”
  • The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He cried louder and louder, and his tears continued to stream down his face.
  • Su Meng and Shen Yu’an really wanted to laugh when they heard why Su Yankai was crying, but they also felt bad seeing how sad their own son looked.
  • Before they could think of how to comfort Su Yankai, he suddenly pulled out his phone and showed his mother his virtual wallet. “In order to marry Mama, I’ve even prepared the money for the dowry. Mama, don’t marry Shen Yu’an, marry me, ok?”
  • Su Meng looked at the phone screen. She had no idea when Su Yankai had actually accumulated twenty thousand dollars inside his virtual wallet.
  • Shen Yu’an saw that twenty thousand and was very curious to know how his five year old son had earned this much money. He stretched a hand out to take the phone but Su Yankai slapped his hand away hard.
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