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Chapter 152 Mrs Shen’s Disdain

  • Shen Yu’an seemed to sense the confusion in Su Meng’s heart and said, “The main question is whether you want to publicly announce who Yankai really is, and how you want to explain our relationship to the public. Do you want me to announce Yankai’s identity?”
  • “No.” That was the first thing Su Meng said.
  • She guiltily covered her face. “I’m sorry, I’m really selfish. But the only blood relatives I’m left with are my mother and Yankai. If Yankai’s identity is revealed, then he would have to go to your family and I can’t bear to part with him.”
  • If she told the public who Su Yankai was, either way, the best choice for Su Yankai was to allow the Shens to take him back.
  • To the public, it would make the Shens look like they take care of their descendants.
  • To the Shens, it would make them very pleased.
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