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Chapter 145 You’re Gay?

  • Shen Yu’an didn’t wait for Su Meng to react and pushed her off him immediately like he was avoiding the plague.
  • He looked closely at the woman in front of him and his voice was a little low, “Su Meng, don’t throw yourself at me.”
  • Throw herself at him?
  • Those four words shocked Su Meng on the spot.
  • She opened her mouth and tried to explain herself, “I just suddenly tripped over myself…”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t seem to care for her explanation. “There are way too many women around me who try to seduce me. You’re Su Yankai’s mother, so we have to interact and keep in touch, but I won’t fall in love with any woman. If you don’t want both of us to become awkward in front of Su Yankai, then don’t fall for me.”
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