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Chapter 144 I Don’t Have a Driver’s License

  • Su Meng looked up quizzically and looked at Shen Yu’an confusedly. “No I’m not.”
  • She only understood what Shen Yu’an was implying after several minutes.
  • Perhaps Shen Yu’an had made her feel too comfortable after picking her up earlier that evening, or perhaps Shen Yu’an’s jacket on herself earlier was really nice and warm.
  • When she heard this, Su Meng didn’t feel angry. Instead she felt a little frustrated.
  • “I’m not poor and I’m not in need of this fifty dollars. But perhaps you don’t understand. I was just really enraged and absolutely refused to pay this fifty dollars.”
  • Shen Yu’an really didn’t understand why Su Meng refused to hand over this fifty dollars.
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