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Chapter 136 You’re A Dog

  • Su Yankai could sense the change in Shen Yu’an’s emotions, so he immediately said loudly to him, “Papa, you have to remember your promise. If you ever dare to be fierce to Mama, you’re a dog, and I won’t have a dog as my Papa.”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t expect his son to be so sensitive to others’ feelings, so he quickly responded, “Son, your father is a man of his word, I remember what I said. You can ask your Mama if I was fierce to her.”
  • He said this as he used his eyes to warn Su Meng through the rear mirror.
  • Su Meng pouted in disdain when she saw how Shen Yu’an looked at her so fiercely and threateningly while hearing him sound like he had done nothing wrong.
  • After Su Yankai saw Su Meng’s expression, his expression became stern. “Mama didn’t say anything, so you must have been fierce to her yesterday. Shen Yu’an, I don’t want you to be my Papa anymore. I’m going to get Mama to find another Papa.”
  • Shen Yu’an was so angry he nearly puked blood.
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