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Chapter 135 He’s Not Coming

  • Shen Yu’an brought the drawing home with a grim expression on his face. The moment he walked through the door, he was stopped by his parents, who had been waiting for him in the living room.
  • Mrs Shen stood with her hands on her waist at the entrance with a dark expression on her face. “If you’ve got guts then go ahead and avoid me for the rest of your life! If you’ve got guts, don’t even come home! Where’s my grandson?”
  • Shen Yu’an was very frustrated after quarreling with Su Meng over their son, so he didn’t feel like talking at all.
  • He threw the drawing in his hands to his mother, “Dear Mrs Shen, this is a drawing by your grandson. I also have photos of your grandson playing at the amusement park and I’ll send them to the group chat later. Don’t block my way, I’m going to bathe.”
  • The moment Mrs Shen heard about the photos and the drawing, her tense face immediately broke into a smile. “Why didn’t you say earlier that you had photos? Send them over quickly!”
  • She took Su Yankai’s drawing and sat down with Mr Shen on the sofa. They wore glasses on their nose and looked very seriously at it, as if they were appraising some world famous art piece.
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