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Chapter 134 I Don’t Want the House

  • “Charity?” Shen Yu’an repeated this word and laughed a little nastily. “You think this is charity? I just feel bad for my son.”
  • He wasn’t done talking, but Su Meng understood everything he was trying to say.
  • What he meant was that he felt that his son was suffering by living here.
  • Su Meng got angry when she heard these words and her expression froze over.
  • “If you think my house is too small for someone with such a respectable and honorable status like you, then you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. I never asked you to come here. Kaikai isn’t as delicate as you think, and he won’t think that this house is too lousy for him.”
  • Shen Yu’an couldn’t believe this woman was behaving like she didn’t know what was good for her again. She just flipped on him like that, so now his tone of voice started getting nasty too.
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