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Chapter 131 Don’t Be Fierce to Mama

  • It had been a long time since Shen Yu’an had heard someone speak to him like this.
  • Su Meng had rejected his kind intentions several times that day already, and no matter what he did, all he got from her was an angry face. Normally he was the one being angry at others, and he had never been so compromising towards a woman. If not for the fact that she was his son’s mother, he would have lost his temper by now.
  • Now Su Meng was preventing him from getting closer to Su Yankai and he couldn’t hold his anger in anymore. He looked coldly at Su Meng, “I think you just don’t want Yankai to accept my gift, because I’m his father.”
  • When Shen Yu’an got angry, he looked extremely imposing and frightening, and every year someone would cry from fright after he lost his temper on them.
  • Su Meng was frightened at first too, but then she thought about it again. What right did Shen Yu’an have to be angry? She had only refused to let him give her son a present – did he have to get so angry?
  • This man was too petty, and his jump in logic was ridiculous.
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