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Chapter 127 Bullying Shen Yu’an

  • After entering the park, Su Meng held onto Kaikai without letting go, as if to prove that she meant it when she said she would keep an eye on Kaikai.
  • Shen Yu’an saw that Yankai was equally upset that he was constantly being held onto by Su Meng, and felt that Su Meng had cut off this rare chance that he had gotten to interact with his son.
  • He stuffed both hands in his pockets, and even though the mask covered most of his face, his entire body was shouting how unhappy he was.
  • The three of them were one party, but they were constantly a few arms length apart, as if they didn’t know each other.
  • Su Yankai couldn’t resist turning back to look at Shen Yu’an even though Su Meng was holding onto this hand.
  • Shen Yu’an noticed it and smiled back.
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