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Chapter 115 You’re Not Going Anywhere

  • Kaikai remained expressionless but his ears were a little red. “As long as do what you promised.”
  • Su Meng started to hurry him from outside the car. “Su Yankai, you’d better come out quickly, otherwise you’re going to be late again.”
  • She held Kaikai’s hand and walked with him to the school gate. Kaikai motioned to Su Meng and she squatted down. He whispered to her, “Mama, if that man bullies you, you must tell me. I’ll help you teach him a lesson!”
  • Su Meng couldn’t help but laugh at this. Her son was really way too adorable. She tried hard to hold her laughter in and replied, “Sure, Mama will remember. If this man tries to bully me, I’ll definitely tell you.”
  • After Kaikai walked into the kindergarten, Su Meng got back into the car.
  • This time she didn’t sit at the back, but sat in front instead.
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