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Chapter 6 After Dinner

  • "Charlie ... have you really thought it through? I mean ... are you seriously considering going to school here?" Tommy had to ask.
  • "I think I'd like to explore the idea ... we'll see ... wouldn't it be great if we can stay in the same city together?" she took Tommy's hand, leaned over to kiss his neck.
  • "It's great, I'd love that more than anything, but don't you think it's a far stretch than what your parents had planned for you?" he seemed more nervous about the idea than Charlie. "There's so many things to consider, you've been accepted at UOG, it's been paid for, you've been here three days and ... you're not doing this just to stay in Goldstone are you?"
  • Charlie softly bit on his ear and thrust her tongue inside it, "What if I am? Don't you want me to stay here?"
  • Tommy cupped her face with one hand, "I do ... Charlie ... I want you here with me, don't get me wrong, but your parents are not gonna be thrilled about this and they'll think I talked you into it ... this is a very big responsibility for the both of us, what if it doesn't work out? I mean ... I'm just starting here, there's no promise in what I do ... like you said, you may need to pay for your own tuition that means you have to work and go to school ... when everything is already paid for in Gastonburry?"
  • "Money? Is that what you're worried about?" Charlie sat back on the passenger seat.
  • "One of the things I worry about ... you've never been on your own before, Charlie, I feel like I'm partly responsible for your well being here, don't you think? That whole speech your mom said about you never had a bad day in your life ... to work and go to school at the same time is not a walk in the park," Tommy tried to get his point across.
  • "You don't think I can do it?" she felt challenged.
  • He was losing his words, "No ... I'm just saying ... it won't be easy, your parents might try to stop you, you may have a fall out with them because of this ... I'll be in the middle of it ... it'll be a mess."
  • Charlie held his hand, "But we'll be facing it together, won't we? We can do this, right, Tommy? You'll help me through it?" her tone was persuasive.
  • "You know I'd do anything for you, Charlie, I'm just ... scared," he finally admitted it.
  • "What are you scared of, Tommy?"
  • There were easily a hundred things on top of his head that he was afraid of at that very moment, all of which rooted from his insecurities for not being good enough for her. She could have a life of luxury if she chose Gastonburry, but if she decided to stay in Goldstone, she would have to submit to a life of limited means, hardships and toil. The kind of living he can afford.
  • He sat back on the driver's seat, turned off the engine, he turned to look at Charlie, the love of his life. There's nothing he wouldn't do to keep her in his life, the fact that she wanted to stay with him was a miracle in itself. He was terrified that the kind of life they would have together will drive her away. He was supposed to make it through before he invited her into his life, but there she was, making decisions for herself, chasing her own dreams. He couldn't let his insecurities stop her from doing it.
  • "Your mom ... showing up at my doorstep with a shotgun," he wasn't entirely lying.
  • Charlie laughed, "That is plausible ... I'm not gonna deny that."
  • He kept it to himself. He decided to let things go for the night. When he watched Charlie slept beside him, he wanted that everyday, forever. The image of her naked body caressed by Landon still haunts him sometimes. If she goes to Gastonburry, there's no telling how those thoughts will sneak upon him everyday and eat him up inside.
  • The look on Maxine Roberts face was another thing he had to worry about. He couldn't sleep that night, not with all the ghosts inside his head telling him that he will never live up to Charlie's expectations. He wanted those thoughts to stop, but they wouldn't.