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Chapter 49 The Funeral

  • One week. Who the hell is this Malcolm Blackwell?
  • That was the first thing she tried to find out as soon as he left her office. She couldn't find anything other than the fact he was a well known, credible, highest paid lawyer in Goldstone. He's clean. If he's incorruptible, she can't bribe him, the next best thing to do was to count how much she will loose if she gives up all those contracts.
  • She kicked the chair in her office after she crunched up the numbers. Who the hell had been in that building? How could she not know someone was in there filming the whole thing? Maybe that stupid Amber had someone followed her just in case. The dead girl had the final word.
  • She kept it to herself. She hadn't told anyone about it, she wasn't going to do it now. She drank. A lot. Her mood swings were off the roof. She had to make peace with the reality that she was losing this battle. But like so many times before, she'd fallen, got back up again, this is just a minor set back.
  • **********
  • Ever since he woke up in Amber's room that morning, Tommy knew not to trust Vicky again. She was part of the reason he had gone off the rail in the first place. She was the one who introduced the drugs to him, it was part of Maxine's game. The more her recruits fell into that dark hole of Goldstone nightlife, the easier she controls the situation.
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