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Chapter 14 A Visit From Mom

  • From the thousands of frames she took, she had at least a dozen favorites. She loved the intensity, the loving look in their eyes, the lust, the craving, the pleasure, all blended into one continuous raw love making right at the end of her lenses.
  • The more she looked at the pictures, the more she could capture their chemistry and be aroused by it. She couldn't get that kind of stimulation from two strangers having sex, that's why she always approached young couples for her projects.
  • Tommy and Charlie was becoming her muse, she had become attached to them, and they ignited more ideas inside her head.
  • Tommy didn't want to talk about the shoot as much as Charlie did. He was just glad she was back in his flat with him. He was unsure of his feelings about it. She was his, but after the shoot, he felt like he had lost a little bit of her to Maxine. It was a weird feeling he couldn't shake off.
  • One thing for sure, school was going to start in September. Charlie was beaming about it despite the fact that she had to break the news to her parents.
  • Maxine was good with her words, the contract was rolling as soon as the shoot was done. A manager was assigned to handle Tommy's affairs, offers started to food in. His appearance on the red carpet at the screening gave him the exposure needed. In between finishing his job at Studio 4, he went from one photo shoot to another, spent hours in the make-up room for preparation, and back in the gym in the morning as required in the contract.
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