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Chapter 15 Under One Circumstances

  • His schedule was so tight that he wished he could be in two places in one time. It started to take its toll on his body. He often came home to Charlie without anything left.
  • "There's a closing party tomorrow night, we should be there," Vicky said. Vicky was the manager Maxine had appointed to take care of Tommy's affairs.
  • Tommy threw himself back on the chair and exhaled, "Do we really have to?"
  • Vicky sat on the table in front of him, "Of course, Maxine wanted you to be there, everyone should be at the closing party, it's where you can get your next contract," she lit up a cigarette and handed it to him.
  • He already has a shooting schedule lining up for the next week, it's not like he needs to pile up more jobs urgently. He rubbed the back of his neck, lifted up his feet on a chair, "Can Charlie come with?" he took a long drag from the cigarette.
  • "Oh ... Charlie called ... she said something about her mom is visiting, she's at her hotel ... she's probably busy with her mom," Vicky was the one answering his phone now.
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