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Chapter 38 Welcome To The Jungle

  • Security was heavier than usual, it was Rock n' Roll night, not the usual Chippendale show. The best bands in the city were going to perform rock music all night, the crowds were different. They were rock music enthusiasts, body surfers, misfits, people with piercings on their faces, tattoos, maw-hawk haircuts, in 1998, they were punks.
  • Charlie persuaded Brad to take her there for the special Friday night show after their Night Film rendezvous, she didn't want to go back to her apartment and sulk over Tommy incident the night before. She had been avoiding his calls and didn't reply to his texts.
  • Brad was an unwilling participant that night, he had been avoiding The Silver Tongue ever since he was back in the city. He couldn't let Charlie go there alone, which she said she would if he had refused. Rock n' Roll nights were the best and worst nights in Silver Tongue, depending on your preference.
  • They came in through the front door, rather than the back where Tommy usually slipped her in without having to queue. The bouncers recognized him immediately, asked him to change to the VIP lane. "How's it going' Brad? Long time no see?" They slapped their palms and bumped their shoulders.
  • "Hey," Brad seemed reluctant to be all friendly with them, he didn't want Charlie to know his party boy past which he had grown out of.
  • They didn't even check Charlie for her ID because she was with Brad. Charlie took out her cam ready to film their experience that night. Brad glanced at her camera as she clung to his arm.
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