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Chapter 39

  • "What the hell were you thinking? Do you even know what's on the third floor?" Brad asked her in the car.
  • "Tommy might have mentioned it ... sorry, I got carried away, we were drinking and dancing, I might've said something about taking the tour upstairs ... I thought I was going to film it."
  • "The third floor is where they rent private rooms, Charlie, once you're in there, you're on your own, nobody is going to take the responsibility of what happens in those rooms except you ... God! What if I didn't get there in time?"
  • Charlie covered her face with both hands, it started to sink in. "Shit ... you're right, I'm sorry ... it won't happen again."
  • "No ... it won't, 'cause I'm not going in there ever again ... those days are over for me, and you ... you should never go there alone, it's not safe," he scolded her.
  • "You're right, I know, I'm sorry ... okay? I wasn't thinking straight," it had just occurred to her how dangerous it was.
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