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Chapter 20 Maxine Roberts

  • Anyone who's a Goldstone resident has at least heard the name. She was the movie mogul and a Goldstone royalty. Although, nothing much about her personal life was known because she wasn't a celebrity.
  • The 51 year old eccentric billionaire has never been married. Many speculated because she was more of a career woman and not the marrying kind. Others who knew her more closely thought it had something to do with her sexuality.
  • Her 26 year old nephew, Bradley Roberts, her older brother's son, was rumored to be the successor of her empire. But he was rarely seen, some say he was studying abroad, and started his own film making business to follow his aunt's footsteps.
  • As a lawyer, Malcolm knew more than what's on the surface. He knew about her business deals, her movie projects, how much she makes and her company makes on a yearly basis, how much she paid for taxes, and all that financial stuff was common knowledge among lawyers and accountants.
  • Then of course the whispers in the dark about her lifestyle, and under the table deals that was also a common practice among the rich and famous. Maxine was smart enough to protect herself with contract agreements that were legally binding, yet clear her from any legal liabilities. On top of that, she had the money and the influence to always come out on the good side. Maxine Roberts was above the law.
  • "What do you think she wants from my daughter and her boyfriend?"
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