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Chapter 16 Catherine Rosdale

  • The last time Catherine Rosdale was in Goldstone, she was 26 years old. It was a few weeks before her wedding. She went there to check on an apartment her parents had left her because she always wanted to start a life in the city.
  • When she met Bill Ludlow, all her plans gradually changed. It became Bill and Catherine's plan, rather than her own. The apartment stayed vacant with the hope that one day she was going to use it. She never told Bill about it, he would tell her to sell it, but she never sold it. It was the only thing she owned that reminded her of who she was before Bill Ludlow.
  • To be in Goldstone 20 years later, brought back a lot of memories of the times when life was kinder because of how young she was. Somewhere along the line, she had given up hope that she would ever use the apartment. But there she was in Goldstone, holding her key.
  • She couldn't sleep thinking about what she will have to face when she gets home and tell her husband about their daughter's change of plan. But she wasn't going to let him do what he did to her 20 years before, completely robbing her of her future. She wasn't going to let Tom do the same either, and that's why she was determined they shouldn't live together. They have to lead their separate lives.
  • "Don't give him the luxury to have you as a wife before you are married, if he wants it, make him earn it," was what she told Charlie when she asked about it.
  • It was a relief that they agreed to her terms. The more reason she started to see that Tommy was not all they say he was in Bluebridge. But it needs more than to trust Tommy to make sure her daughter is going to be okay.
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