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Chapter 21 When Charlie Met Malcolm

  • Catherine kept her plan secret from her children, she asked Malcolm to be discreet. To get a divorce from someone like Bill Ludlow was going to be messy. She had to gather her strength, administration wise and mentally. She didn't care about money anymore, she just wanted out. As long as her children were financially secured, she'll figure out a way for herself.
  • They went over their strategy before Catherine went back home. She also helped Charlie move some of her stuff to the apartment where she will be staying when school commences. Most importantly, she introduced Charlie to Malcolm before she went.
  • "It's so nice to finally meet you, Charlie," Malcolm gave her a big warm hug. He always made people feel like they've known each other forever, even though they've only just met.
  • "Malcolm is a good friend of your father and I back in college, he's a prominent lawyer here in Goldstone and he lives not far from here," Catherine explained.
  • "Exactly, that's why you can call me anytime at all if you ever need anything ... here's my number, and let me get your number too ... I live about 10 minutes away, I know how hard it is when you first move to another city on your own ... so ... feel free," he gave her his card. Blackwell and associates, he had his own law firm.
  • Charlie accepted it, "Thank you ... that's wonderful, I didn't know you have friends in Goldstone, mom?"
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