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Chapter 12 The Preparation

  • The photo shoot will be the turning point of everything. It will automatically enroll Charlie to Arch Film Institute, she will be an intern for Maxine Roberts, and it will keep the ball rolling for Tommy's contract. Everything was in its place, or so it seemed.
  • Maxine preferred her 'models' to be groomed and well prepared for the shoot. She required them to be separated for a whole week without any contact whatsoever. She asked Charlie to stay at her place while Tommy stayed at his flat, and continued his work at Studio 4 as he was assigned.
  • Tommy wasn't keen on the idea that Charlie was staying at Maxine's for the entire week, but he knew it was the consequences of signing up to something they weren't really prepared for. Working in Studio 4 was building up sexual tension within him, to be in a room with naked celebrities taking and re-taking their love scenes everyday would do that to someone.
  • He was asked to be a body double a few times, he's not one who shied away from being naked in public. The pay was good, he needed the money, he wasn't doing anything wrong, so he took it.
  • The photo shoot was a whole different thing, it involved sex and a naked Charlie. Everything about it spelled wrong for him, but it was what Charlie wanted. To make her happy was always right for him.
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