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Chapter 37 The Break

  • She curled up on the passenger seat in silence. A hundred things went through her mind in a jumble, it felt so heavy in her chest. She didn't know what to think. She buried her face between her knees and sobbed.
  • Jeremy glanced at her, didn't have a clue what to say. They were both still recovering from what they saw. "She said nothing happened," he had to say something.
  • She didn't respond.
  • "I asked her before she left ... she said nothing happened."
  • Charlie looked out the window, "Not yet," her voice was low. "You saw what I saw, right? Do you actually believe they weren't going to do it if we hadn't walked in on them?"
  • It was hard to say, Jeremy took a deep breath, "All I know ... he loves you, he really does ... he had plenty of chances to do something like that in the past but he never did ... and nothing happened in that room ... or not yet ... but it didn't happen ... if you ask me, I would give him the chance to explain himself."
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