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Chapter 54 Epilogue

  • He poured the Hennessy into the sifter, just enough. Slipped the glass between his fingers and swirled to inhale the evaporating aroma from the swish. He sipped on his favorite cognac, let it stay in his mouth for a fraction of a second before swallowing it. He loved the after taste.
  • He walked along the gallery her aunt left him. All the pictures were still hung on the wall, he took easy steps one at a time until he arrived at the last photo at the end of the hall. The black and white with only a hint of gold from the necklace dangling around her neck. The only visible part of her face was her parted lips at the peak of ecstasy, her skin glistened in sweat and oil. Her man's hand on the side of her thigh holding her as she probably let go of a moan or a sigh of his name. He could almost hear it in his head. The picture told the moment perfectly. Maxine had caught the moment perfectly.
  • He took a big gulp of his brandy and walked away from the piece of art that was now becoming his property. Maxine left him her entire collection of her art work, among other things. He didn't really like to live in a mansion, it drew too much attention from people he didn't really like, but if he moved to a smaller place, he wouldn't know where to put all of Maxine's collection. He intended to keep them, for personal reasons.
  • Only some of her staff still works in the house. He dismissed at least half of them, the nude dancers, the girls Maxine kept around the house to fulfill her sexually active imaginations. He won't be needing them.
  • The house felt empty, it always has. A typical over-sized building that sheltered a lonely rich woman or man, filled with overpriced stuff they seldom use and now it was inherited to him along with the loneliness. The kind of life he was avoiding and now he must embrace.
  • The future of his aunt's movie empire was in his hands, and so was the school. He could teach all the students who will shape the face of Goldstone's movie industry and leave his mark in a way his aunt would never do.
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