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Chapter 11 The Red Carpet

  • They put a bright red bustier top with matching stiletto pants on her, it really complimented the shape of her lean long legs. Her bosoms were slightly pressed, and showed enough parts of her chest that made her look elegantly sexy. An extravagant looking diamond necklace around her neck, a loan, courtesy of Cartier, diamond earrings and a bracelet to complete the whole set.
  • Jimmy Choo high heels were in fashion at the time and a blood red one looked perfect for the outfit, with a gold Louis Vuitton clutch. Her make-up was soft and natural with a touch of red hot lipstick, her hair pulled back in a sleek up-do, she looked like something out of the Vogue magazine.
  • Tommy was dressed in a full Armani three piece suit, matching shoes, and a loaned Rolex with a pair of gold cufflinks. His hair was trimmed and clean shaven, his ice blue eyes stood out, a good combination with his thick red lips, a toothpick in its corner like he always does when he's nervous.
  • Benji was happy with the result, "You two are by far my favorite faces ... and those bodies ..." he exhaled deeply, "To die for!" he made a pinching gesture with his fingers.
  • "He's right, you know?" Charlie said to Tommy when they waited for the limo at the front porch of Maxine's house. "We look really good like this."
  • Tommy smiled, he felt like Cinderella. All the things that were put on his body worth more than his car and a whole year rent of his flat. Charlie was more familiar with the lifestyle, but it was all too new for him, he wasn't even sure he liked it. They were given the taste of what life would be like at the end of their contract.
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