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Chapter 44 Time To Relax

  • Maxine sat alone in her office, Amber's file was on her desk. She didn't had the chance to hand it over to Amber, because the stupid girl decided to jump on her at the last minute.
  • She contemplated on the idea to report the accident, but it was too late, she had to make sure that they ruled it as a suicide.
  • Charlie's absence was convenient. She spent the whole day alone in her office, cancelled all her meetings, everyone thought she was grieving. Amber was one of her darlings, she generated her the most income than any of her other artists.
  • It was an accident. She had gone through the incident over and over again in her head. Went over other possible scenarios the night could've been different, it couldn't. It was fate, she had to die, it was better that way for everyone. Amber didn't have anything to look forward to anyways. She would've had a miserable life after the contract ended. If anything, her death had spared her the agony of living a life she'd hate.
  • Maxine drew a long breath. Shit happens. Pick up where she left off, and move on. She'll give her a proper burial as her last gift for the poor girl, afterwards, life will get back to normal.
  • Everyone is replaceable, that's what she always says to her recruits. They'll mourn her death for a few months, they'll fall in love with a new face, and Amber will be just a face in the past.
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