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Chapter 33 Night Film Day One

  • "Okay ... are you guys ready?" Brad asked the three boys and two girls of his Goldstone Night Film team.
  • Charlie was one of them. They gathered on the side of Goldstone Avenue at their designated meeting point. All six of them were Arch Film Institute students, Rowan and Jessica were a couple. the other two, Mike and Lewis were best friends, which left her partner-less.
  • "I'm gonna show you how this works today and Friday, after that ... you're on your own," Brad wore a hoodie that night, he lost his charming professor look but not the persona. He was giving clear instructions and explained the steps as he did in the classroom.
  • "Once you have all the footage you need, we'll hit the studio for the editing and the technical process ... but the body content would still be the most important ... and it all depends on what you're trying to capture and how you capture it."
  • Everyone listened intently. Since it was their first try, they were going to do it as a group. Afterwards, it will be a two person project. "Charlie ... we'll find a partner for you ... I'm still recruiting ... but otherwise, you're stuck with me," he put his hands on his chest with a charming smile.
  • She smiled back, felt a bit nervous but she didn't mind partnering up with the Professor, if anything, she would learn from the expert. Then her phone rang, it was Tommy. He had been sending her messages to tell her how sorry he was about what he said, she didn't reply to any of them.
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