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Chapter 29 Gastonburry

  • Gastonburry had changed a lot in the course of 20 years. It had always been a city of students, some of the oldest schools were still standing strong, giving the best education in the country. One of them was University of Gastonburry where she was an alma mater alongside Bill and Malcolm.
  • The castle-like building was still very much the same, they added new connecting buildings on the West and South side to accommodate more students that came in from all over the world.
  • Somewhere in there was the Dean's office where her husband's lover spent her days working, maybe occasionally welcoming him as a guest. Her stomach turned at the thought.
  • She could've just stormed in, confronted her, told it to her face to leave her husband alone. She could just go to the University board, provide them with evidence of the affair and make her lose her job, her dignity, along with her husband's reputation. But that was beneath her. Bill's affairs and his mistresses were not as important as the divorce she was planning to get.
  • "Take me to The Avenue, Travis," Catherine said to her driver after stopping in front of UOG for a quick look.
  • After dropping Charlotte at The West Meadows boarding school, made sure she settled in her dorm, took care of all the paperwork, she left to stroll around the city for a little nostalgic afternoon. Having her tea in The Avenue was one of her favorite passing times in her college days.
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