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Chapter 40 Amber

  • He knocked on the door before noticing the doorbell. It was a little after 12 noon, the time when she usually got out of bed. He heard footsteps stumbled to the door before it opened, her head peeked from behind it.
  • "Brad? What are you doing here?" black circles around her eyes, her voice croaked from too much smoking.
  • "Hi, Amber ... how are you? Can I come in?"
  • She untangled the chain and let him in. The room was filled with mist of smoke, her first cigarette of the day. Then he saw the ashtray was full of cigarette buds left from the day before. The place was a mess, the carpet stained with spilled drinks, food and cigarette burns.
  • She was a mess. A sweet beautiful fragile mess in a sheer gold kimono. He looked around the apartment and landed his gaze on her with a sense of grief. She was once vibrant, happy go lucky, full of life kind of person, but the one sitting in front of him was just a shadow of her former self. Exhausted, jaded, drained of the last drop of cheerfulness she ever possessed.
  • "What do you want, Brad? I heard you were back in the city ... never thought you'd showed up here," she took another cigarette from the coffee table and lit it up.
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