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Chapter 36 The Unbelievable Truth

  • Her jaw dropped open. She stopped breathing for a fraction of a second which felt longer. She didn't understand what she was looking at, or rather, she didn't want to understand it. A naked woman sitting on top of her almost naked boyfriend on the floor of his flat. She thought everything was fine, she thought he loved her and everything was fine.
  • "Charlie!" Tommy shouted and pushed Amber away. He was rough, Amber fell on the floor and hit her shoulder on the wooden part of the sofa, "Ooww!" she screamed. He stood up, walked over to the door, "Charlie ... this isn't what it looks like."
  • That's what they all said. Charlie looked at the woman's face, she recognized her, and she was beautiful. One of the highest paid leading actresses at the time, the one Tommy co-starred in one of her recent movies. It was Amber Stewart with only her panties on. Charlie looked at Tommy, their eyes met, with just one look, Tommy could see the disappointment and that her heart was breaking. She walked off without saying a word.
  • "No ... no ... Charlie! I can explain!"
  • She was already halfway to the elevator.
  • "Amber! Leave! Now!" he yelled at her and ran after Charlie.
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