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Chapter 10 Campus Tour

  • The campus was everything she had imagined and more. The brand new building was grand, modern, fully equipped, it was heaven for those who wanted to learn everything about the film industry. The list of Professors was blinding her with names of people who were still very actively working and made a name for themselves. To think that she will be learning first hand from the best in their field was no doubt pulling her towards the idea of enrolling to the institute.
  • Maxine took her to see each class and what subjects she would be learning. She showed her the facilities that she can use if she were a student. With every step and every door opened, she grew more and more in love with the idea. When it was time for her to ask the most important question, Maxine took her back to her office.
  • "Have you read the contract I gave Tom?" she asked as soon as they walked into her office.
  • "Yes, I think it's a great opportunity for him."
  • Maxine took a remote from her drawer and pressed a button to close all the curtains around them. "It is, he could be well on his way as soon as he sings up." Maxine walked to the bar and poured herself a drink. She offered Charlie one but she refused.
  • "Whenever I see a young woman, full of life, hopes and dreams like yourself ... it often reminded me of myself when I was your age," she sat on her chair and sipped on her whiskey. "But I didn't have any help back then ... I know how hard it was to start in this business, especially because I didn't have 'the look', not quite like you," she continued. "The men in my life ... well ... they were ... men ... I had to do everything myself, started from the bottom, grind my way up, stumbled, fell flat on my face, got back up again, struggled some more, repeated," she paused for a moment, she was back in the past for a few seconds.
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