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Chapter 43 The Morning News

  • Her body was found at around 4 AM by a homeless person who was looking for a place to sleep. He made a call to the police, soon after, the place was lit up by police car lights. She was taken to the morgue, they found her bag with her wallet and ID in it, that's when they knew who she was, Amber Stewart, 27, single, actress.
  • Her face was unrecognizable. Her skull shattered from the impact. By sunlight, it was all over the news. Amber Stewart found dead, police suspected suicide. They found the taxi driver who drove her there and he gave a statement that she was alone.
  • Brad learned the news from the TV when he watched the morning news over coffee. His heart fell to his stomach. He had just seen her a few days earlier. She wasn't in her best shape, but suicide? All of the things they said that day played back in his mind, tried to recall if she had given him some kind of clue.
  • He said things to her, had it hurt her in a way that it led her to kill herself? Had everything culminated to a point where she didn't want to continue to live? Had his words drove her off to her final decision? He put his coffee mug on the coffee table, covered his face with both hands. "What have I done?" he said to himself.
  • Charlie didn't show up at school that day. She called in sick to the office. She couldn't function. She was terrified to face Maxine. She hadn't slept. Jeremy stayed with her in her apartment and Tommy came over as soon as he got off work. They told him everything, and showed him the video. It was all in there, every detail, every word.
  • "It was an accident," Tommy thought out loud. "She has the tape," he added.
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