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Chapter 18 Photo Result

  • They held hands while looking at the photographs of themselves displayed elegantly in Maxine's private home gallery. Most of them were in black and white in various sizes. Charlie's hands were sweating, but the excitement on her face somehow made it worthwhile. Looking at their naked bodies on canvas was surreal, Maxine did a very good job in editing them and made it look like a professional artwork.
  • As if they were taken out of their bodies and looking at themselves from an outside point of view. He never knew how it looked like when he was touching Charlie's body, when he trailed his fingers on her skin, how his muscles flexed when he climbed on top of her, how Charlie's lean leg hung on his side, and how her fingers dug into his hair. He was seeing it all from different angles and reliving it in his head.
  • "Oh my God it's beautiful," Charlie gasped, she looped her arm around his waist.
  • He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. Even though all the pictures didn't show their faces, only parts of their faces and some captured facial expressions, she was beautiful. There was one frame that showed her expression of peaked sensation where she lifted her arm and ran her fingers through her hair, her lips parted, her eyes closed, her eyebrows furrowed as she erupted with pleasure. That particular shot hit him hard. He recognized it, it was his, but now it wasn't anymore.
  • He didn't want it to be hung on the wall but he couldn't protest. It was Maxine's favorite, she was going to hang it on her private wall until she found another favorite. Charlie's moment of ecstasy now belonged to Maxine, and anyone she'll invite into her bedroom. He shuddered at the thought.
  • They had a quiet dinner afterwards, Deeta joined them. They enjoyed a nice meal in a light conversation, shared their thoughts on the photographs, and also some insights on how Tom's work was progressing. When Maxine asked him about the Goldstone party, he was vague about it, he couldn't tell her that it was nauseating yet beneficial at the same time. He was careful with his words because he wouldn't want Charlie to be curious about it.
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