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Chapter 47 Run

  • She couldn't stop thinking about what he said. She literally freaked out after he told her about the tape and excused herself in a haste before he could say anything else. She went straight to work and had a hard time concentrating on anything.
  • Maxine's office was planning for Amber's funeral, the topic she wanted to avoid. She had to play along and joined the team to make an invitation, helping them select pictures and clips of Amber's movies and interviews for the tribute video. Maxine spent quite some hours preparing the eulogy. They even had a team to organize the flower arrangements, souvenirs and caterer.
  • Her funeral will be a gathering where Maxine can use it as another networking event. It will be broadcast internationally, more publications for her and her 'good deeds'. The who's who of the industry will be there, gathered in one place to exchange contact details, make nice with each other while they pay respect to poor little Amber Stewart.
  • Looking at Amber's pictures and videos all afternoon made her sick to her stomach. She had lost her appetite. The only good thing about that day was she didn't have to spend it being stuck in Maxine's office. Before she knew it, her ride had arrived.
  • The female employees were blushing at the sight of Brad. The charming young professor was one of the most eligible bachelors in Goldstone. He just got out of his aunt's office and came over to where Charlie was sitting with other employees.
  • "Are you almost done?" he leaned on the desk.
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