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Chapter 22 The Right Decision

  • A few days after her mom left, Charlie went back to Bluebridge to get her things. She gave Charlotte the warmest hug. She told her how her mom and dad fought over her situation and it ended with a decision to send Charlotte to a boarding school in Gastonburry.
  • Her dad won't have Charlotte to follow her sister's footsteps. Charlene was a bad influence to her sister. Charlotte was going to spend her high school at the best boarding school in Gastonburry before going to the best University of her father's choice.
  • Bill Ludlow made it look like it was Charlene's fault that she had to go to Gastonburry earlier than she was suppose to. But Charlotte didn't seem to mind, she had always wanted the life her parents had planned for her, and now she gets to do it sooner.
  • "Are you sure this is what you want, Charlotte?" Charlie asked.
  • Charlotte nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, it is, who wants to stay in this town anyways? You can come visit me there ... we'll call each other as often as we can, right?"
  • Charlie smiled at her eagerness, even though she was holding back tears. She thought she had more time together with her sister, but life happened much too fast lately. "Sure, that sounds perfect."
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