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Chapter 9 Into the Night

  • Elvinia watched their feet and finally, she caught on to the dance, though the music was something she heard played on the radio of Celtic tunes. The instruments were very much similar, though there was something different in this music than what she had heard in her world. Once the music ended she turned to see the woman by the chieftain and another one sitting further down from the chieftain because they both were giving her the stink eye. Baldr lowered his lips down onto her lips, his kiss tasted of ale but this was not a kiss from a drunken fool. Instead, she understood it for what it was, a long passionate kiss, from someone who knew exactly what he wanted. His lips were precise that melted her like a hot knife barely touching the butter that melted just from the heat. It took everything within herself not to show her weakness as the women watched were green with envy. Viggo grinned at his brother knowing the truth already even if his older brother wouldn't admit it, and now it couldn't be refuted.
  • He did this on purpose, mainly because he was letting everyone know that he had made his decision. Even though he would have to wait to marry her, regardless if it was for three months or longer. Now for all to see, that he had made his point and that no one else could deny what had been witnessed here tonight. Once he lifted his lips off of hers, even in her eyes, she couldn't deny it, either. That she was his and he wasn't going to let her go so easily. Though Ingemar their chieftain had decreed that she would have to agree to the acceptance of Baldr's hand, though his lips were no longer on her lips, her body quivered still tasting him. He could see in her eyes, that she had already accepted him, and he hoped she knew that he was already in love with her, now their only barrier was the language that he was going to remedy.
  • Once the music stopped, Ingemar watched Baldr leading Elvinia out of the great halls as the celebration continued. The head of the giant was mounted, for everyone to see that their Hold was safe and sound. Beadu took a drink from her wooden cup, her eyes longing to be the one who was walking out with Baldr, but no. Here she was next to the chieftain that was old enough to be her father. Earlier, when everyone had returned it was then explained to her by Ingemar of his new plan. She had told her that he was going to allow Baldr to marry Elvinia, keeping his enemy close to learning why she was truly here. For she would learn their ways and their language, and in this way, he could find her weaknesses in case it comes down to killing her, he would stand a chance. So there it was, the catch was that Baldr had told his siblings that their father wasn't as forgiving. Elsa heard the conversation between her father and Beadu, and just as Baldr feared, their father still wanted Elvinia dead. She made the decision, even without the order to teach Elvinia their ways, their languages, customs, and everything leaving nothing excluded. Elsa would talk to her brother, Baldr. She thought about what he had stated that maybe, he should take Elvinia, out of there. She excused herself and walked over to Viggo. Her brother was speaking to one of his friends when she interrupted them, "Excuse me, brother, I need to talk with you."
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