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Chapter 35 Fake Parents

  • Many agents searched the mansion after the explosion, for the professor was killed, and his guards were all dead. There was no more data or information on the time machine. Roger, who was really Egon, only going by Roger in this realm. He was refusing to talk, and because he was one of a few remaining Slayers, he was trained to endure the torture they put him through; he was built to endure the pain like any other Slayer. However, it was much different here on Earth than in his homeland. He was one of a few sent here, and their mission was to protect the daughter of Isolde and Andreas at all costs. He had yet to see the enchantress, but he could only assume she was nearby and staying out of sight till she could find a way to get him out of this place; or put him down so that humans here on Earth would never learn the truth that was kept here, hidden. The only one to survive. They didn’t know he was a Slayer of Shadows; to them, he was just another hired gunman here to protect the professor and his research. That was far from the truth, for the main reason he wasn't back home was that he was the first to locate and bring Isolde back to the Isle of the Wolf. Time was against her after word had reached Andreas's ears that she was being hunted before she could give birth. Andreas believed that if he could make others believe that Isolde was protected within the castle's walls, his castle, which was on his Isle. It would give her plenty of time to reach the Dragon's Keep, where she would be protected until he could meet her there when his child was born. Instead, the Dark Lord's spies had managed to get to the Dark Lord, revealing the truth about the location of Isolde. The Dark Lord knew then that the war maiden hadn't reached her destination, which was the Dragon's Keep, a protected fortress for War Maidens. It was built specifically for them by their creator before the obsession for power had taken over. It was then that his creations rose against him which had killed the majority of his warriors. As far as he knew, Isolde was the only one to survive barely, and that was when the Lady of Light saw her father for who he really was. She had saved the last remaining war maiden and knew that she wasn't enough to go up against her creator. When it was learned that Isolde was pregnant, the Dark Lord understood it meant that the baby could be the one to destroy him and his dominion. Even though Andreas tried to reach Isolde before the Dark Lord's assassin could find her, he had failed. He was told by Egon that Isolde had already been killed, however, they hadn't killed her before she gave birth to the Brynhildr child, Andreas's child. It was said that the Dark Lord feared the prophecy, knowing that if the child was a girl. He knew that she would be his downfall. Andreas learned by Egon that the Dark Lord's assassin couldn't find the infant, once she realized that Isolde had given birth. The assassin though she tried continuing searching it was when she saw the Lady of Light, that it was time for her to leave the area. Knowing that her master wouldn't like the fact that she had failed she would have to save her own skin, even if it was a lie. The Lady of Light protected the infant girl till she saw a mere mortal who was not of this realm, but a traveler. The baby girl though she slept on, the legacy from her mother transfered into the child's body. Graham had witnessed the entire thing and though he was frighten for this wasn't what he thought he was going to see, when he was trying out his contraption. He too witnessed the woman's body vanishing into thin air. He witnessed the baby girl, which was explained to him by the Lady of Light that this child was special. He saw her snow white eyes glowing though he wanted to look away, he didn't. The transfer of her mother's spirit was now inside her daughter, running through her veins. It was agreed upon the three for Graham to take the child, for her protection. Egon, wanting redeemed himself, would be the one to travel back with the child. First however, they had taken the infant to the isle, where Andreas and his slayers called home. Years later it became their sanctury where they were banish to for the longest time. Andreas the White Wolf, and his Slayers were blamed for the chaos that was going on and because humans needed someone to blame for what was going, they blamed the mutants for the death of the War Maiden, even though it wasn't their fault at all. Andreas didn't take the news about his beloved being slain but he did get to hold his daughter and though her mother wasn't here, he swore he would protect his daughter. However, the Lady of Light had told him what must happen in order to protect his daughter. So for the first and last time until she was old enough to return home, he held his infant daughter close to his heart. His snow white eyes looked into hers and he knew that she would be in good hands. Even though he couldn't be there with her while she grew up. Egon recalled that moment all to well as he was sitting in his cell waiting for Ina to return and get him the hell out of here. He remembered his master holding back his tears behind that ice cold wall. He had lost his bride, his beloved and now he was saying good bye to his only child, he whispered to his daughter, "I shall name you Elvinia."
  • Andreas looked at Egon and then back at Ina, who at that time was still pondering whether to stay or to leave Gerhardt. Andreas had made it simple for her by having four of his soldiers, plus Egon to travel with the enchantress and with the mortal, returning back to his realm.
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