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Chapter 27 Death, There Is No Escape

  • to be human cattle. until their usefulness ran its course and they no longer could feed their masters.
  • The mortals would have only two ways out of here, which were either to be turned into ghouls later or become food for the ghouls. Even in death, the human that was turned into ghouls were prisoners without a mind only to feed, they were also used to feast on vampires that had bounties on their heads, who had committed crimes against their race. Not all humans were doomed to death or become ghouls, some if chosen to be mothers for the undead children, or if a human displayed certain qualities and proved themselves more than just a mere meal, then they were offered immortality that could only be given by pure blood. The venom was very strong and very lethal because not everyone could survive the death that came with it in order to become immortal, a child of the night. Very few would live past the first twelve hours, either they would perish before their new lives had ever started or they would become something worse than a ghoul, a revenant. At least with ghouls, they had little memories but otherwise a mindless killing machine. Revenants had no humanity no appearance of once being a human, they were black misty spirits that could use their memories of being human against the living. They could inhabit the bodies of the dead use their memories to hunt the living and would use the weaknesses of mortals to kill them, not for food, only for pleasure and thrill of the game. Reveneants fed off the lifeforce of their prey, or if after they made their kill they would eat until they were ready for another hunt. As for those, who were able to turned into vampires, they were either used in two different ways before they adapted to their hunger, one of the ways they were used they would be released into battle because a newborn vampire were a lot stronger than pure bloods. That was until they learned to control their thirst, and was able to focus on task for the nest or clan. The second reason, young maidens who were newborns didn't loose control as easily as the males, however their sexuality would be used to lure in victims back to the nest, those who were entice by these beauties would fall victim and never seen or heard from again. He shuddered for a moment, not because he had been turned. No, he was born this way, he was a monster who had been released at a very young age and never to be taught how to control his own hunger. He didn't have his parents, who had made their choice to love each other, for their love was forbidden, and they were murdered for it. He remembered that night oh so well, he remembered running while he was beign hunted for already his mother and father's heads were collected as proof that they had been killed. However, Baudric even at a young age had mastered many of his abilities and talents. He had managed to escape death that night, and soon he fed and though it had been many years ago, he still felt like a monster that should have been destroyed but was spared. Though he didn't feel like he had been forgiven, and he could never forgive himself. He still remembered the young maiden and her family begging for their lives and he didn't think only acted on his thirst. Now, he would do anything to make the past right, which was why he protected as many innocent lives and why he fought for what was righteous. Even though he felt that he didn't deserve the right to be forgiven, he looked over at Arika who didn't know his past.
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