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Chapter 17 Monster Hunting

  • "What the hell happened here?" The commander of the garrison stepped forth, not looking at anyone in particular but his eyes couldn't stop staring at the beast who appeared to be deflated as bones were protruding outside the body. Elvinia holstered her weapons back into place while her baby began to whimper for he was hungry and though death was around him, he was unaware of the danger he had been in but his mother protected him at all cost. He knew he was with his mommy, and that was all that mattered to him now. Elvinia looked at the commander, "I am general Yrsa, we were ordered to clear the way so that your garrison could capture the Hold. The way is cleared, my men and I need supplies before we leave tonight."
  • "So you are the leader of this group of savages? I thought perhaps they were locked up or hung already. What supplies do you know need, diapers what?"
  • His words were meant to sting but she instead laughed then her eyes became serious that even the commander stepped back. Her child wiggled some as his fingers pulled her hair some, but she kept her stare which was icy cold, almost like zapping the warmth around her. Her eyes kept on the commander of the garrison, "Captain, inform the commander here of our list, once we have escorted them back to the Hold, we head out before nightfall." She and her men were back on their mounts before leaving with the garrison making sure the group was safe until they were inside the Hold. Her baby boy was quiet for the most part until they were inside the walls and the soldiers quickly went to secure the area. Her men went underneath the tunnels while she went to be alone to feed her child. She looked around and saw the Hold and remembered its glory days which had almost been a year since she, Baldr, and his siblings had left their homeland behind just as she had when she agreed to come here. Once her son had finished and she then changed him only after wiping him clean. She put him back into his pouch where he was safe and quickly he fell asleep. She quickly ate a few strips of jerky though it wasn't an ideal meal for her, they would eat later. She went outside to check in with her men who were slowly returning from the caves. She went with them to make sure the rest of the Hold was free of evil pests and once she checked the tunnels making sure nothing was there, she went ahead and set up traps with her men so that if anything tried to overrun the Hold, they wouldn't get very far. The commander sent one of his scouts by air to get word back to their King about the Hold now under their command. Bodies of the victims were gathered and burned, she saw familiar faces and then saw the two kids she had saved, not knowing how they had met their end. the little girl and her older brother had so much life but now their skin was blue and no breath yielded from their lungs. She burned their bodies and prayed over their soul, for she said until they meet again she could feel a tear sliding down her face.
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