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Chapter 45 Defending Black Forest Reach

  • The mages that stayed were posted at the walls keeping the shield from being attacked. Far below the castle many of the survivors had taken refugee for they were unable to get to the fortress without over crowding the hidden place. Other allies had made it before the coming of the Horde. Outside they could see the darken of the clouds and fires coming towards them. Already many soldiers were positioned, ready behind the draw bridge with boiling oil, there were powders being made that would be used to create explosions. Many of the archers were stationed at the towers. Thanks to Elvinia, she had set up traps that she and her men had setup before they had left on their mission. Few of the Slayers had volunteered to stay with the mortals, for it was their war too. The humans had submitted to the cause of uniting the forces and now this was going to be their last stand while majority went to war, this fort was the last kingdom that hadn't been overrun. Many jarls, chieftains, and leaders that had managed to survive had reached the Black Forest Reach just hours ago. Even the leaders were in armor for their people needed to see the courage of man that refused to go silent into the night, refusing to let those who had already died be in vain. Beserkers holding their position for it was their mission to go after anything that could fly and do damage to the walls. They could hear the horn of war being sounded in the distance, they who stayed who were ready to fight, knew that this could be their end. The Horde coming in great numbers, in droves they were outnumbered the allied forces. Baudric after making sure his children and Arika, the mother of his children was protected, he and the others came to the defense of the tower. They were staring death in the face but they knew that Elvinia was going behind enemy lines, so they had to keep the Horde busy giving her the time for that she needed to on the Horde's master, their Dark Lord. The rain released from the heavens for many it was omen of weeping and mourning. However not all hope was lost, in the distance they could hear roaring of dragons and other beasts. With them were elves that hadn't been tainted. They were the snow elves of the North. They were not alone, the dwarves and gnomes who had been cut off from the world had been freed and they too were ready for this final conflict. The dragons were summoned by Tyr who were answering the call, now the allies who were feeling death knocking at their doors, were now cheering. There was still hope that this realm could be saved. Baudric turned to them all including his brothers in armed, "HOLD the lines, for we but a few who are going against the many, we fight as one. Let them see our courage and let them tremble. Today if it be our last, let's the many along with us. Sound the horn for we are ready to meet death, let's not keep her waiting!"
  • The top of the towers, all three of the battle horns had answered the call for war.
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