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Chapter 4 What The?!?

  • Elvinia woke up a little later than she wanted to get up, but her body needed the rest after yesterday. She looked at her arms and the veins that were normally blue and green were now bright red then she looked into the water to see that her eyes were different than before. She tried getting up but the pain hit her all at once. Elvinia gripped the rock that was the flooring of this waterfall cave, she looked down to see that her fists were crushing the solid rock beneath her hand. Her strength was remarkable as the pain finally passed her and she was able to stand up, again. Rapidly, Elvinia put on her gear from head to toe then quietly went outside the waterfall. Her hearing had been enhanced and now her eyes could see what seemed like miles. So far, she assessed that there was no one out here looking for her, so now would be the time for her to gain some miles between her and the village where her pod had crashed nearby. Elvinia took some water into her pouch before she began her journey, her device locked to where she was and that was when she saw a trail leading through the woods and into the mountains. She enhanced the image of the holograph where she could see how far she would be traveling before the night was upon her. Once she memorized the location she would be traveling through, she made her way west. Not too far out, Baldr was coming upon a clearing where the waterfall was located. His men were combing the area in case she had already been out and about. Then he saw movement when she jumped out onto the rock, and though she had stayed out of harm's way last night. Today he had to capture her and find out her motives for why she was here, to begin with. This time he was able to crouch down to get a better look at her, and that was when he saw her, closer this time. She wasn't an older woman, or even remotely looked or appeared as an enchantress or shaman. She was younger probably not even passed the age of sixteen, even though she appeared to be young, he knew better than to assume she wasn't dangerous. For others, he knew, wouldn't think twice about rushing towards her, unaware of what she might do. She turned around a few times making sure that she was still alone because the area was silent and nothing moved. She felt it odd that animals were not moving especially considering today was very mild. She stopped for a moment, for she knew before she headed west that she was gonna need to have breakfast, soon enough. She went back to brushing her hair, however, she was very much alert, not wanting to be caught off-guard. Baldr waited for her to do something that would show signs that she was an enchantress but she did nothing. Then again, it could be a distraction maybe she did know he was there and she pretending, disguising herself and her true intentions. Though his men were working themselves back to the waterfall, he had decided it was best to start here and wait to see what he could learn about her, he could feel himself being captivated by her beauty. He wondered if she was casting a spell over him, keeping his attention on her as she prepared to do him in. However, she appeared as though she had no other care in the world. Elvinia was drinking in the sun, which made her long, flowing dark red hair spill past her shoulders, to the middle of her back, as though it looked like flames. Once she was done brushing her hair she quickly cleaned off her brush and then tossed her hair aside hopefully birds would use it for a nest. Now that her hair was brushed she knelt by the water having another drink of the refreshing, cold fresh water before she began braiding her hair to keep it off her shoulders. She began swirling her braided hair around until it was neat, then placing the pin to keep it in place. Once again, she looked around wishing, she didn't have to leave this pool or area. It was only because she felt peace here for the first time in a long time. She enjoyed the fact she felt freedom here and that this was all she wanted for a very long time. She felt at home here, her family loved the city, but not her for the wilderness she felt peace with herself and felt that nothing could go wrong. In her mind, there was no one here to tell her she was doing something wrong; she wasn't expected to do lectures or had anyone here to remind her of her family who had forgotten her when she enlisted in the Navy. How much she ached to see someone in her corner, only there was no one there to be proud of her or her accomplishments. She put away her comb and again touched the water as though the face in the water had never had to endure sadness or ever had moments of breaking down. Remembering her childhood when she was looking into the crowd searching the faces to see if anyone there loved her, only did she see others being received. Her parents didn't go to her basketball games or the cheerleading competitions because it wasn't about education or anything they cared about. She only joined teams because she won the scholarships and awards that could be put on her records, but she was the outsider of the family, she wasn't like her brothers who were honored and put on a pedestal. She got up just as some of the sun's light began to shed through the trees, her hair reminded him of fire. He watched wondering if she was going to turn into some kind of spirit since both times he had seen her by the water. He thought perhaps she was some kind of water nymph. However, that wasn't the case as she began to head out in the way she had seen. Though it was gonna take some time, Elvinia wished she had a horse, but for now, it was what it was, a long way.
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  • Not too far, from where Baldr was located, he heard his men coming towards the waterfall. He watched as she quickly moved so that his men couldn't get to her as soon. She heard them, they were not that far away. Any minute they would be coming around the rock face and that was when he would make his move as they would be closing in on her location. Great she thought, no way was she going to be able to hide her scent, the water was behind her, but she didn't look down in time when she tripped over a tree root, that was sticking out of the ground. Though she didn’t completely fall she was able to catch herself, then turning around she saw the group of men quickening their pace towards her. "Dammit!" She said under her breath. She got back on her feet and headed in another direction from where she wanted to go. The men she saw were quick on their feet, they were used to running and being out here in the woods, and even though they were built like tanks, they were also quicker than most of her friends who went to be Navy's Seals. However, she felt lighter and was able to keep a steady pace hoping against all hope she would be able to lose them. She kept a steady pace as the men behind her were slowing down, then she changed course because they would know the way around here better. She started heading upward towards the rocks when she heard the dogs being unleashed, they were coming after her.
  • Baldr watched the direction she was going, for he knew these woods better than most, and he knew his way around. Where she was going was a path that lead to an old village that was only used by the fishermen and of course, there were a few homesteads out that way. It was where he had spent his youth out there, helping with the fishing, and of course, the hunting grounds were not that far away. There wasn't much patrolling, out that way since most of the homesteads and the village had been rebuilt, as a boy, he use to play in the ruins, so he knew his way around there. He got up from his hiding spot and headed straight for the shortcut, it would be there he would catch her before she got away, again. Today they were going to catch her and find out who and what she is; more importantly, he needed to find out if she had anything to do with the recent attacks on his people. She picked up her pace, though the men behind her were running out of steam, she smiled a little because she had to admit these newfound abilities made her feel like some kind of superhero or her case a mutant from the comics she once read, but they had been taken away from her because it wasn't educational. They were instead considered "a waste of time", as her mother had put it. She had managed to escape the dogs though she didn't see anyone behind her as her feet continued to pound the ground that was beneath her, she almost didn't see the bridge made of rope had been taken out, catching herself before nearly toppling over. She assessed the area, though she was far from needing to take a deep breath. She saw a small secluded village that looked as though it was empty, the only way there was across the bridge that had been taken out. Somehow she knew she could make the jump even though it was quite a leap to the other side, but she knew it was her only chance to get away from those who were pursuing her. She turned around far enough and then she took the running start, then took the leap of faith over the ledge. She didn't look down for the jagged rocks below would have meant her death, but her feet kept moving until she landed though it should have taken the wind out of her, or she should have at least felt the pains. She continued running towards the town through the fields and deserted areas. Elvinia slightly turned to see the men and their dogs at the ledge that she had jumped then she made a turn, for she was celebrating inside her mind. Though she shouldn't have because it was a premature triumph and victory. She didn't see the man who came out of nowhere, bracing himself right as she ran right into the man, who felt rock solid. She fell backward and then looked up at the towering man, she had seen yesterday. The one she thought was a lot older, only he wasn't as old as she thought. Her brain was screaming at her to run, and soon enough the others would be catching up to her. He knelt where his hair though it appeared to be coarse, was black like a crow's wing and his eyes were a darker shade of green. Again, she tried to get up and though she managed to get past him, she didn't get very far. Though he didn't put his full weight when he tackled her, he had managed to catch her, for a female she was fast and nimble. Her eyes were like looking into a stormy, winter grey night. He had gotten a whiff of her scent, it was sweet but not strong, like overpowering. Her skin wasn't fair or creamy white like those in his village. However, he had to admit he preferred her, warm honey flesh which brought out an enchanted beauty, that was different from the other women he had known. Though he was crouching down, he reminded her of a linebacker on her University's football team, ready to take out the quarterback or whoever else got in his way. He however held onto her ankle, though he had narrowed his eyes at her, she was drawn to him though she was holding herself up by her hands.
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  • She was evaluating her next move, like chess she wanted to see what his next move was before she moved the kill move that would give her a checkmate. She kept his eyes on him and his hands, watching every move he made, he was steady and didn't make any quick moves. On his armor, there was a bear, and she caught the symbol on his pendant, it was a bear. When he knew she wasn't going to cause him harm, though he didn't loosen his grip on her ankle, instead he begins to ask her in his language, who she was and where she had come from. She however said nothing, or responded to him, mainly because she didn't understand anything that came from his lips. Again, he tried asking her the same questions, but again she didn't respond or gave him any clues that she understood a word he was saying. He was getting somewhat annoyed that she was refusing to respond to his line of questioning, though her eyes were blank, he wondered if she could talk at all. He knew she could hear because she turned her head when she heard the dogs in the distance, she looked back at him with her dark, winter eyes, but he was refusing to let her go. it was only because, the people in the village were afraid of what had been going on, the attacks on the villages and what happened not too long ago about how the other village had been destroyed. He and the others had found the bodies torn apart and found creatures feasting on the remains, though they were able to kill the undead. Soon the village elder began to talk of land being cursed, everyone was believing that there must have been a shaman or hag out there, who was causing all the chaos in their lands. It had been going on for many solstices, and now that they all had witnessed the falling star, so now all of the village people were in fear of the end times and that maybe the attacks were just the beginning, soon enough, the rumors would make the situation even worse. Baldr could remember the elders telling stories of sorcery, from long ago, which had caused diseases upon the lands. He is a very young warrior who had ignored the tales but after witnessing the events that had unfolded, he saw that there were some truths, after all. He called to his shield brothers letting them know he had caught the woman. He took his eyes off of her for just a moment, and that was all that she would need. Without hesitation, she then used her training from when she was younger and got him off balance, then used his weight against him till she was no longer under his control and back on her feet, heading to another location. Again she was grateful for the injection, but now was no time to waste, except getting the hell out of dodge. Once he got back up she had already had some distance between her and him, her stamina was giving her the burst of energy as she powered through, and though Baldr tried catching up with his men not too far behind she had come to the rocky ledge, down below the water was rushing, rapidly back into the ocean. Backing up and then leaping into the water icy cold water just as they thought she had drowned, they watched as she surfaced through freezing water and watched her climb out onto the shoreline. Though she trembled for a moment, she looked back to see the strange men looking at her, for they believed she was some kind of water spirit. She started running again for Baldr wanted to go back and cross the bridge but his brother found him before he could venture off.
  • "The ship with our father's new bride-to-be has arrived. Father has called for you to accompany her and her men to the village."
  • "Our prisoner has escaped, go on ahead without me. I will join you all in a few"
  • "Father is coming with us along with Elsa. Otherwise, I would just go and tell him I couldn't find you. You two can get very aggressive and tonight, let father has his way. Besides, that which is already long gone and won't be coming back."
  • Baldr grumbled because he had let his guard down for a moment and now she like his brother said was long gone. He had to admit she was very strong and no wonder she didn't use her magic, her strength alone was fierce. He knew the water's temperature would have killed most, but she pushed passed the ice as if it was nothing. He didn't want to leave, for this was the second time she had gotten away from him, and that was something unheard of till now. They headed back to the village where the Chieftain Ingemar was waiting. Baldr's would-be-father was dressed in his best attire and beside him was his daughter who would be showing Beadu the ropes until it was time for Elsa to be married to Adalwolf, and no longer her father's burden. He was working out the plans for his other two sons to be married to other holds, and if they refused then he had another solution already in the works.
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  • Elvinia ran straight for cover making sure she wasn't followed before quickly making a fire and then getting out of her wet clothes, though she should have been shivering or having signs of hypothermia, she wasn't exhibiting anything. She wrapped herself in her cloak while the fire was going because she wasn't going to take any chances for there were no hospitals in case she had gotten into trouble. She however kept her crossbow at hand in case someone or others tried coming after her again. She put on her second set of clothes, then decided it was best for her to go hunting for the night would be here soon enough and she had to keep herself fed especially with enough fat. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but she kept herself so that her scent wouldn't give her away for these types of weather, most animals were asleep. Just as she was about to give up she came across what looked like an abandoned building and inside she had seen some meat that had been salted and other provisions that would help her for the time being. It wasn't exactly a fresh kill but considering everything that had happened, this would be due tomorrow. The fire crackling and feeling its warmth kept the chill outside, Elvinia nibbled on her food wishing she had a nice juicy steak or rack of ribs, for now, though this would do. Elvinia was thinking about tonight because she had gotten off course that tonight she was going to venture out to make up for the lost time. Even though she had seen others staying in at night, if she continue waiting for dawn to make her way out, she wasn't going to get very far.
  • She waited for the moon to come out before putting back on her gear, she made sure the fire was completely out before leaving into the middle of the night. Her crossbows were on her hips, but she was prepared in case something was to happen as she tracked through the quiet night. It was very quiet, considering that the other night was no different than tonight. Her eyes adjusted to the night for the moon was barely out, though there were stars the clouds covered most of the sky. She had managed to make it back to where the waterfall was and then kept heading towards the path she was originally heading, earlier. Elvinia looked around her for it had gotten silent like nothing and then she heard screams coming in the distance. Part of her told her to run and don't look back, but something was tugging at her heartstrings and she wasn't going to hide like she did the other night. Quickly she ran in the direction she heard the screams coming from and didn't stop rushing towards the danger that was unknown to her.
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  • It wasn't the main village that was being attacked, like before. It was a group of families that had built their farms alongside each other, creating a smaller village, with a tavern and merchant. This very small village had a few travelers, tonight however the activity wasn't wanted. The cries and pleas for help were all that the young boy was hearing. The horn alerted everyone of the danger, just before the guard was attacked. The farmer's young son, hurriedly scooped up his little sister, before the creature could nab her as their mother used her axe to give her children enough time before she was tackled and then torn apart. He saw his mother being killed, right before his eyes. Though he had seen the horror at least he didn't let his baby sister see what had happened. He quickly pushed her into a hiding place, then he started running somewhere else, as attention was now drawn to him. At least he hoped that this would keep his baby sister safe. The small community was being killed by revenants, the eaters of the dead. He nearly fell when he saw the Windigos, he couldn't believe his eyes. Windigos were attacking the revenants? The boy pulled himself through the opening, as others were trying to escape, but they didn't have a chance. The boy couldn't believe what he had just witnessed because the two different creatures never hunted together. The creatures who were not feasting on their kills caught the scent of the boy who was running towards the woods. They gave chase, for none was to survive. Greenish death hags came out of the shadows turning the dead victims into creatures, though those that were barely alive were still being feasted on. The little girl covered her mouth so she didn't have to be told to stay silent as she watched in horror that hell had been unleashed here in her small village. Behind him, he thought he had gotten away just as he crawled into the fallen tree. There he didn't make a sound, hoping those that were following would not stop. He didn't make a sound because he had to make sure to get word to the chieftain about what had happened. His uncle was the thane and he and his little sister, if they survived the night could stay with their uncle, hopefully. However, creatures surrounding the tree had let him know that he had been found, for he was bracing himself for certain death. He closed his eyes waiting for the pain to start, remembering the horror on his mother's face as she was torn apart, but nothing.
  • She stretched out her hand and started typing on the wrist band and a light blue light scanned then it pulled up a topography map and showed her the village that she assumed was where the men on the horses were heading. She saw the young boy crawling into the fallen tree just as the creatures arrived right thereafter. Through the woods, she raced towards them holding her blades in her hands, for she wasn't going to let them kill that young boy. Inside the fallen tree, he heard the commotion, thinking that they were just playing with their last meal until he looked outside to see a woman fighting the creatures. These creatures were lethal, they were not easily killed, however, he was watching her slaughter the lot of them, without missing a beat. Laying at her feet were those that were no longer dangerous, as their slain bodies were scattered. He carefully got out from under the fallen tree as she stood there making sure that the kid was alright. He then remembered his sister, he pulled her arm and pointed in the direction of where his sister was hopefully still alive and hidden. She followed the young boy as he led the way to where his home was, the creatures were still there and he looked till he saw the creatures trying to get under the house. He heard his sister screaming, but before he could after his baby sister Elvinia whipped out her crossbows and pulled the trigger, with rapid-fire she released her wrath. Once her final bolt was released she grabbed her shorthand blades and went through the area keeping the creature's attention on her as the young boy dove under the building and grabbed his sister before she was left alone for another moment. Some creatures saw Elvinia and couldn't believe who they were seeing. They knew about her then she knew herself and they began to run. Her blades back into their sheaths and her crossbows back on her hips. She knew where they needed to go but she didn't want to go there because she had been avoiding that village and she just wanted to get the hell out of dodge. However, she wasn't going to leave them here because what if those creatures came back? though one of the creatures didn't attack as the others had done. Instead, the beast was watching her as she was watching it, the creature with the horns she knew was their leader of sorts. In his claws she saw what he was carrying, there were the heads of his victims. The victim's bodies were in shreds and a few of the creatures that left with the horned beast were carrying off bodies from the village. He was barely twelve and waited for what seemed like forever. Elvinia looked around and heard a whimpering sound, down below she saw a little girl poking her head out from underneath the home though she didn’t say anything fear paralyzed the little girl. The boy came back and she was able to see that he wasn’t as young as she thought. She looked again and the creature with the horns as were the others was gone as if they were never there. She looked through the dead and knew that the kids needed to get out of there. She, however, saw a marking on one of the creatures and for some reason, she knew these markings from somewhere, she didn't recall though. She however saw other tribal markings, that were on the dead's bodies, but not on those that lived in the village. Some of the tribal's markings, she remembered from her research, were of their tribes, one of which revealed that this creature was once human. Now it was a humanoid that was cannibalistic, which wasn't possible. She wanted to stay and do some more research but the little girl sneezed bringing Elvinia's attention back.
  • She put aside her weapons as the children now were looking at her as though she was some champion. She knew being out here wasn’t safe and the closes village would be the children's only chance to survive. She held out her hands for the little girl and her brother, from the map she had she knew where the village was. Quickly, she led them though they tried talking with her she just looked at them unable to reply. They were asking what her name was and where she came from because she didn’t look like them. They got the idea that maybe she couldn’t talk but she saved their lives and was taking them to the village where their parents grew up. The way would be long, but the silence helped because there was still danger out there, but nothing came near the three. Her eyes focused on every movement, for the light from the moon wasn't bright enough however it was enough for her to see the shadows. The horned creature, from the attack at the small village, had sent out scouts. Their only job was to watch Elvinia, for the horned creature knew what Elvinia was. His master would want to know that the daughter of Isolde was finally home.