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Chapter 21 Her New Title

  • However, he had been trying to care for the children, including his own who didn't have any way of getting milk. That was why they didn't pursue to finish killing Baldr or the infants. they already knew without the mother's milk to sustain them, the infants wouldn't last very long. Just to make sure that the man didn't have another way of providing milk for the infants, they slaughtered the mammoth and left. He however had managed to get the babies fruits, mashing the fruit so that the babies could have nourishment. Though he had been looking for ways of leaving this isle so that he could try and save his sister, until then, he would make sure that the twins not just his child were protected until he realized there was a new danger, a new obstacle, Baldr's wounds had gotten infected from the Berserkers attack. While he took a deep breath for he could almost taste the poison now, he didn't know how much longer he had but without blinking it was Arika, who didn't wait for Baldr to finish talking. Instead, she went to work on his wounds removing the infection and healing his flesh completely. Baudric saw that Baldr's winged lizard which was his mount had been slain alongside the mammoth. All because they believed the words of liars rather than waiting to hear the truth. Baudric took the children into his care while Arika could finish caring for Baldr. His wounds once were finally healed, and thus began the decision of how they were going to get them off the isle. Arika heard Sharon speaking to her even though the others couldn't hear the midnight unicorn, she could and she heard Sharon give her a plan something unorthodox but it was their best option for the present situation. Once Sharon was done, Arika turned to the bear of a man, Baldr, and looked him dead in the face, "I need your permission so that I can do this. Will you allow me to bring your brother back to life and..."
  • She didn't even finish telling Baldr everything even the part about how she was going to bring his brother back to life because he quickly responded with a loud yes. She turned to Bauric, "Dig up his brother's body and bring it over by the lizard." She walked over to where the lizard was for flies were feasting on the body and she turned to Sharon, "How is this going to work?" Sharon didn't answer but responded by stomping the ground with her hooves then she touched the fly to eat the body and quickly everything feasting on the body was gone and the lizard's body was restored to perfection. Sharon said nothing until she saw Baudric bringing the lifeless body of Baldr's brother. Sharon spoke to Arika again, "You want to know why I was turned into a midnight unicorn?"
  • Arika gave Sharon an inquisitive look, "Why?"
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