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Chapter 12 War Cry

  • When suddenly, she felt a surge of energy rushing throughout her body. Elvinia felt the heat boiling inside her, and coursing through her until her skin was turning red, then the heat made its way to her eyes, which flashed with brightness. The newfound strength was pulsing through her, having no idea where it had come from, but at the moment, she didn't care. This surge, it was making her invincible. the flash from her eyes burned through the creatures that were trying to overtake her and were now wailing in an agony of pain before their bodies had turned to ash. Again she cried out surprising the banshee, which made the creature turn out of fear something that the banshee had never known before because she was known as an omen of death, she was created by becoming infected by another banshee she had crossed paths with. She was the harbinger of death now, she was no longer alive or even having the memories of when she was alive. Elvinia clashed with the horde that was making their way towards her, with the shield she held with it strapped onto her left arm, becoming a boulder while her legs were unstoppable, running through the masses. Her body was much like a bantering ram. Without even thinking twice she grabbed her blade with her right hand, slicing through the horde so that they couldn't get back up. Her sword had turned red from the heat that radiated from her body and now the blade scorched their flesh, searing her enemies as if they were butter melting to be nothing but boiling mass on the ground. Elvinia began gaining momentum leaping onto the backs of creatures and being merciless with every strike she delivered. The banshee trying to raise more from the grave even awakening the shadows from the pits, other creatures hearing the call of the wails of the banshee. Elvinia kicked the body of the creature off of her sword when the ground was rumbling and then she saw why the creatures were coming, up ahead she could see the banshee that had been turned from the infection now was bringing back the dead to overwhelm her and get to the miners and their families. Elvinia put the shield back up on her back and grabbed her other shorthand blade, she would have to kill the banshee to stop the rising of the horde. Elvinia dashed through the tunnels till she was back up above ground, the banshee was no longer the once innocent woman. Banshee saw Elvinia breaking through the lines of the army of the undead, creatures pulling themselves out of the ground so they could reinforce the line, not to mention the draugrs coming out from the ancient tombs that were not too far away. One of the draugrs carrying his bow was given the dark spirit's life by creeping up into his nostrils. Others were falling behind the draugr with the blackened bow and though it didn't raise his bow instead his jaws lowered passed his neck and with a blast from within sent Elvinia backward. She however braced herself after finding her footing and rooted herself till the blast of wind stopped. She again rushed and again the archer draugr blasted another wave of the wind that prevented her from advancing giving the other creatures a chance to gather their forces for another wave attack. Again the archer draugr began advancing, moving closer to the woman that had done so much damage to the banshee's forces. However, the archer didn't see the silver blade that was made to defeat the undead. Baldr and the others couldn't go through the tunnels for the fire had blocked the way, they had to go a different way, and now flanking the creatures from the left side, they were able to overturn the tides once again. Elvinia lowered her shield back down and saw that Baldr and fifteen others had interrupted the archer's hurricane breath. She looked towards the stones where the banshee was, the harbinger of death was using her powers to infiltrate the graves and summon creatures from the darkness. Elvinia wielded her blades mustering another surge of energy that hadn't left her completely. Again feeling the heat that seeped into the blades from her hands and her feet hitting the ground like thunder, she moved like lightning for this shit show was going to come to an end. As the men fought the creatures, preventing the dead from going toward the camp gave Elvinia a chance to stop the banshee from summoning any more creatures. The shadow creatures came flooding in but were met with fiery blades that burned like hell, her weapons were not made by mortal's hands as she thrust her blades into the belly of the beasts and creatures. Now she stood looking at the banshee who was once human but no longer, the banshee emanating a greenish-grey glow around her, as globes of sickly greenish color swarmed around the banshee. Elvinia used her agility as she moved closer to the banshee and dodged the globes and though they were meant to slow her down instead Elvinia's scorched blades were able to dissolve the globes as if they were nothing. Mere inches away as Elvinia was closing the gap between her and the Baringer only to see the banshee fading away until there was nothing left of her except the destruction she had left behind. Even the creatures and the undead were gone as if they had never been there at all.
  • *******PAGE BREAK******
  • Many were being treated for their wounds, and those who were believed to be infected were escorted to one of the cells that were for those who had been caught stealing from the mines. For now, though, everyone felt safe and their eyes looked towards Elvinia who was feeling drained from the battle. No one had been killed this time, only a few were thought to be infected and now they were segregated from everyone. She however drank her water in silence even though the banshee and her minions were gone. the area felt different and the others were feeling it as well. The leader of the miners came up to her and Baldr, "Thank you so much for your bravery. We can never have enough coins to pay for what you both have done here tonight. However, we would like to build a new village with a stronger fortress and say how honored we are to have you both here. We want to build you both a longhouse that will be yours so that you both can stay here, and protect us. Our Jarl had been killed many months ago, his soldiers were the last of his troops and now there is no one here to protect us from danger until you both came into our lives. Will you both accept our gift and will you both be our protectors?"
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