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Chapter 46 The Great White Wolf

  • Viggo flying through the clouds making sure that he was shielded until they reached the Hidden Cave of Wonders, it was the last place on this realm that Lady of Light gave to the War Maidens before they were all killed. It was revealed to Elvinia when she put on the armor of the gods that had once been her mothers. Her mother Isolde imprinted on the armor leaving traces of her memories for Elvinia to know in case she ever needed to heal. Andreas and a few of his men who hadn't volunteered were watching as the dragon descended down but then he picked up speed. They would be under water for a short duration, hopefully the children were protected until they reached the shore underneath. Andreas realizing that they were about get wet quickly covered the children with a shield that would keep them from loosing air, though he and the others would have to hold their breaths and pray that they wouldn't be underwater for very long. The water was like ice though it didn't affect the Slayers or Elvinia's children, the twins began to cry even though they were protected the temperatures affected them because they were still mortals.
  • Viggo finding the entrance into the cave knew he had to get his twins warm enough so that they wouldn't die on him. The fire he created, Andreas understand what to do next. He quickly used the blankets that they found and covered the twins, even Andreas held onto them using his body heat to keep them from freezing. Bjorn held his little sister for this place hadn't been used in forever. As he looked around his little sister Kirsten managed to get out of his grip and began to crawl then stumbled a few times before finding what was calling to her. She began to laugh and coo until Egon came over using fire from his fingers he see what Kirsten had discovered.
  • It was a chamber that had weapons and clothes and of course there was rooms for each of them down the hall. This cave had everything even a place for them to fish. Kirsten crawling over to the one room that the door was barely closed she managed to push it open and somehow she knew that this room was her grandmother's who even though wasn't there in the flesh was there in the spirit for Kirsten could see Isolde even though no one else could. Isolde kneeling down as the baby girl smiled and raised her hands towards Isolde. She wanted to hold her grandbaby, and love on the little girl and seeing Bjorn who was already taking steps towards being a leader. Bjorn running to check on his little sister who was reaching in the air as though someone was there. "Grandmother?" He could sense her and feel her presence even when close where he could touch her though he couldn't see her, he felt the chill knowing that it was safe. He knew that this room was special and knowing that this was where they were going to stay for they had someone that also loved them watching over them. Isolde even in death would protect them the best way she could. The energy that kept her here in the spirit was enough to power the stone if it came to that. Though she saw for herself Andreas, she loved him even though their love could never be destroyed, there would be a day that he would be able to hold her once again. Andreas had reunited with Elvinia and Isolde knew her daughter's valor for Elvinia wasn't going to fail. Where she and her sister the War Maidens had failed, Elvinia would find victory and glory.
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