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Chapter 48 Passage To Hades

  • Into the castle where the vampires and others were trying to fight as creatures that were surging with deadly fires spewing from their mouths. Everything the vampires were trying to do to keep the creatures from getting through the door. Already, Lilit and her soldiers were nearly drained and they had no phials to quench their thirst. The mages and the lycans trying to keep the creatures at bay but their flames were much like magma that was melting everything in their paths. They soon enough they were go to run out and their blades would not be able to penetrate their armored scales. The mages trying to summon a portal that could take everyone out of the situation and get everyone to regroup before facing off these creatures but portals wouldn't hold something was causing a disruption as time was running out. LIlit knew that even if they tried to climb the walls, they wouldn't be able to save everyone. "Arm yourselves!" Even the templers knew that this was then end as the archers raised their bows readying their strike everything outside the door just stopped. The hellish fire ceased then creatures were crashing through, for they had been turned into ice then being smashed against the walls. Everyone in the room held their positions waiting for whatever had attacked the creatures was coming towards them. They didn't know if it was friend or foe until Magda and her priest had stormed inside. "Come on! We need to get to the laboratory."
  • Everyone began racing through the halls as creatures were coming in every direction, though Magda was in the lead blasting as many that were coming towards the group. Her templers used their shields and spears as they were mowed through the mass of creatures as the vampires and allied creatures were taking care of the rear, so that the humans along with the elves and dwarves were using bows and crossbows to get the ones that were climbing the walls. Those coming from the holes which had missing stones that were on the floors. They were gaining more speed when Magda halted and nearly was toppled over by those behind her. They were floored to see a creature that was known to be the Executioner of gods. The creature had been told in legends and tales that had been passed on and were said to be trapped, but right in front of them were three.
  • Magda putting down her hands as they began to advance towards the large group for the three Executioners were not like other creatures the others had ever faced before. They were much like Reacher but only they had been altered by the powers of darkness. Magda conserving her energy as the towering creatures got into formation one in the front and the two right behind the one. She knew that Executioners were not looking to what was going on, as the energy from her fingers were radiating ready to explode, from the side of the wall, Elvinia aiming her crossbows. She never made a sound when Magda gave her the silent signal Elvinia unleased Wrath striking the creatures from the rear. Two of the Executioners turned around to see what was striking them. They were not use to having this kind of attack, for the woman attacks had made it passed their armor.
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