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Chapter 83

  • Derek struggled to open his eyes, there were buzzes and lots of noise, he opened his eyes and squinted against the daylight, he vaguely realized that he was moving and people were surrounding him, he was on a stretcher and soon he was placed inside an ambulance, someone must have informed the police, Kathleen, those men have taken her, he tried to sit up but fell back as his eyes shut, trying to withstand the pain he was feeling on his head, "please don't try to move, you're greatly injured" a medic tried to hold him down, "Kathleen.. " he tried to pronounce her name but his mouth was too heavy to obey him, he was drifting and he fought against the wave, he had to get to Kathleen, "find Kathleen" he rasped before the darkness dragged him under.
  • "I told you not to do anything to Derek" Marcella's angry voice made the men shift on their feet with their heads bowed, she had met with them after they had taken Kathleen to where she had instructed them, she was furious, if anything happens to Derek then her plans will all go to the drains, "we're sorry ma'am" they apologized but it only aggravated her the more, she whirled on them, "how could you be so stupid? Kathleen was only just a tool to make Derek sign the papers that I want, and you guys put him in such a critical state, now I'll have to wait some more, fools" she screeched
  • "Calm down mom, don't get so worked up over this, Derek is not one to die so easily or we could feign his signature on those papers" Dave placed his hand on his mother's shoulder and Marcella sucked in two uneven breathe as she considered Dave's suggestion, she shook her head, "no, Derek is not stupid, he would see to it that it doesn't stand, besides, having the original is the real deal, he won't be able to do anything about it, not even in the future"
  • Dave shrugged, "in that case, we'll wait for him to recover and then do the needful"
  • Marcella nodded, "we already have his beloved, he would do anything to
  • For her, in the meantime, we just have to keep a close eye on her" she turned on the men still standing and awaiting her orders, "go, make sure you keep an eye on her, more mistake" they nodded eagerly as they shuffled away to do her biddings, Dave smiled at his mom placing a kiss on her cheeks and she rolled her eyes"what's that for young man?"
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