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Chapter 60

  • Derek charged up to the stairs to Marcella's room with Kathleen right behind him, he heard a grunt and noticed that the noise actually came from his father's room and not Marcella's, he entered through the connecting door into his father's room and his eyes bulged at the sight before him, Kathleen gasped.
  • His father was holding Marcella by the neck, Derek quickly ran to him to remove his hold, his father's eyes was glazed and in frenzy, with much effort, he succeeded in removing his father's grip, his dad fell on the bed with a thud and his breath evened out immediately.
  • Marcella was coughing, her face red, she stirred at the now sleeping form of her husband, "you asshole wanted to have me killed" she rasped.
  • Derek was confused as he stared at his dad's sleeping form, it was obvious that he didn't do it with a clear eye, one moment, his grip had been so firm on Marcella that he had a tough time in trying to remove it from Marcella and in the next minute, he was dozing looking so frail and pale, he quickly dialed the doctor's number.
  • Why was his old man looking sickler than before when he was still being treated, were his medications not okay? He looked so frail that for a moment, he regretted staying away from him. Kathleen put her hand on his arm as if reading his thoughts, her gaze sympathetic.
  • " I think your father was delirious a moment ago" the doctor explained and Derek grimaced, "he was so violent a moment ago" he explained
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